Monday, December 28, 2015

Week 101

Christmas was awesome!! I'm just going to send a bunch of pictures cuz it takes a while...

Here are some of the kids we gave gifts to, me wrapping some gifts, Christmas party at our ward, and some dinners members shared with us. It might have been the fullest I've ever been in my life, it seriously hurt to walk afterwards.

We also had a Christmas party just for missionaries with both the Praia and Assomada zones combined, I finally saw Mcmullin! He's up in Assomada. I took pics with him but they're in my camera, all these pics are from Nevilles camera so I'll send them next week. 

Monday, December 21, 2015

Week 100

I will start Skyping at 6 here in the Verde, so that'll be like what, 12 or 1 over there? So that's settled.
Man, I'm super excited to call you guys this week. I'm also gonna be skyping Burch and Chevy haha so I'm excited for them too.
I actually bought a bunch of gifts already for the Santa thing, I made a deal with a Chinese lady at the store so if I bought like more than 20 toys I have like a 40% off on everything so I only spent like 30 bucks, but I can always buy more. There are so many kids here in Praia that could use them, it's really sad cuz there are also really rich people living in the same streets.
I go home in 8 weeks... it's depressing but super exciting at the same time. I really want to work hard these last few weeks, but I"m just really tired lol. So the "get Zuniga sexy" program didn't run too smoothly because we fasted for an investigator and I got a sore throat during the same day, so it made me feel super weak for a couple of days, but we are back on track now. I'm going to be working out as much as I can so I don't get made fun of that much by everyone lol.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Week 99

So this week was really normal for me too, nothing exciting happened to be honest, except Neville and I have started the "get Zuniga sexy before he goes home" program. We went running in the morning a few times and I worked out inside on days we don't run. But just some info about Neville, he was like training professionally for track in some university that I can't remember. He runs a mile in like 4.35 minutes, which is like twice as fast as I am lol, so he's giving me a freaking good workout. We run for 15 minutes then take a 1 minute break then run another 15 minutes and freak does that suck. I feel like I'm gonna die the last 3 minutes.
Also, we have been working a ton with some awesome investigators but they all have like super hard problems they need to get over, like getting married, beating black tea addictions, and having to quit a job so they can make it to church. One of them is Dinis, he's from Guinea Bissao and he has been drinking black tea every day since he was 12. Right now he's in his early 20's and it's really tough for him but he's been progressing a ton and showing some true desire to change. He has a baptism date for the 26th so please pray for him so he can get over his addiction!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Week 98

I don't have much to say this week. Praia is awesome, monkeys are cool, baptisms are the best, and it's dope having other missionaries always pretty close by!
I only have 10 weeks left! It's super hard not to get trunky. Praia is way different from Assomada, there are so many people here that are always home and willing to talk, it's not hard at all finding new investigators or teaching lessons, but there are a ton of parties and stuff kinda like in Mindelo. I believe there are 16 duplas (missionary companionships) all around the city.
My comp is awesome, we get along great, but we are way different. He absolutely loves like church activities back home like EFY and stuff, and well... I didn't lol.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 97

Elder Neville and I get along super good, I love this kid, he's like the nicest guy I've served with. He's a workaholic and not lazy at all, so I'm loving it haha. This area is amazing, as soon as I came in Neville and I went to work. We have a baptism this next Saturday and we marked another 6 baptisms for the moth of December in just one week. We are going to be successful here, I can feel it.
Serving in Praia is awesome too, there are so many missionaries and we get to hang out with them for lunch and stuff because everyone is super close by. I don't have to take a car for an hour to see someone like I did in Assomada.
You can't imagine how trunky I am for Christmas, I already bought Christmas lights like I did in Santa Maria and a Christmas tree haha. I want to be a Santa again, I think I'll be doing it every year for the rest of my life if money allows.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 96, Transfer 16, Praia

I got transferred!! I'm serving in the beautiful city of Praia in an area called Achadinha. This means I'll get packages as soon as they get here.
I'm finishing up Elder Neville's training, he's only been here 6 weeks, so he's my step son!
After tomorrow, my MTC group will be the oldest in the mission, how weird is that?!
I took a bunch of pictures with members and even some with huge spiders. Assomada has these HUGE spiders, I just had to do this before I left. I threw it back into a bush when I was done, Elder Sosa was scared of it haha, he's scared of a lot of things.
Man, I love my mission but I definitely do need a vacation, PDays don't cut it at all. It's getting to the point in my mission that I constantly want to take naps, but I never get to take one. My body feels so tired.
Me and Sosa's last burger we ate together
Wilson - helped us out a ton

Some amazing families that I'll never forget:

Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 95

So Zone Conference and Mission Leadership Conference were way cool. I liked MLC better though, Elder Dyches is a really spiritual guy, but doesn't make you feel horrible for not being perfect like other leaders, haha. He's a nice man.
This next week will be transfers, and I'm pretty sure I'm leaving. It's a bittersweet feeling knowing that I won't be a ZL. I can finally not be stressed and just worry about my own area and investigators, but I'll miss seeing the work from that point of view and seeing how individual missionaries progress.
I don't have pics this week, but next week I'll have a ton since I'll take pictures with members I'm going to miss a lot.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 94

This week was really interesting. For starters, I had my 4th and more than likely final Zone Meeting. It was the most spiritual in my opinion, and I felt that the trainings were awesome. Elder Leyton (from Peru) that was living in our house was emergency transferred, so it was sad to see him leave because he was an awesome friend, but he is now in Terrafal, so he's still in my zone.

Erickson was baptized! Alongside Bruno who is also an amazing investigator. I can honestly say that these 2 got baptized because of the Book of Mormon; we taught them how important it was and they prayed about it. After receiving an answer, they were converted. Every time we would pass by to teach them, they would basically teach us of what they studied about.
Bruno is the darker one, he's here from Santiago, and Erickson is the really tall one from Santo Antao.

This coming week is going to be sort of crazy for us, we will be gone from our area for 3 days. Tomorrow we have Mission Leadership Conference and Elder Dyches (from the 70) will be there. I'm super excited for that. The day after we have Zone Conference with him again but with the Assomada and Praia zones together, and then after that we have a division with the AP's which will take all day. I'm really excited for it. 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 93

Hey! So this week was a bit hard, to be honest. There were parties all throughout the weekend, which screwed us over when it came to having investigators in church, but one of them did come. His name is Erickson and he is getting baptized on Saturday. He's actually from Santo Antao so it was way fun being able to talk to him about Ribeira Grande and stuff. He's one of the coolest investigators I've had. We leave him chapters in the Book of Mormon to read and when we follow up with his reading he basically teaches us. He understands so well and has a huge desire to follow God, so I'm way excited for that.
Sadly, the wedding I was talking about last week won't happen for a couple of weeks. Mariza, the woman who's getting married, has problems with her family and they don't want her getting married because of issues with Ze, her future husband. They'll totally get married, but just need a few more weeks to prepare and stuff.

Hey the internet keeps going on and off today, I'm going to have to go, but maybe I'll come back later. Have a good week!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 92

Hi! This week's baptism was sweet! It was honestly the easiest one in my entire mission because he had tons of members supporting him. Sosa and I are working a lot better with all the members, so it's making the work run way smoother.
But I was super sick for like 4 days. It's been raining here too and I guess walking in the rain finally caught up with me. I was in bed with a fever unable to walk for like 24 hours, then spent the next 24 hours recovering, but I'm all good now, no worries. I grew a beard though, haha. When I felt well enough to leave the house I realized I hadn't shaved for like 3 days, and I've never let my beard grow out so it was shocking to see it there. I've never tried growing a beard, but I'm probably gonna try it when I get back home just for fun.
Also, Sosa tried making cinnamon rolls... they didn't come out too good. I don't know how he managed to ruin them like that, but I don't trust him in the kitchen... or in many other places to be honest, lol. 

Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 91

This week was great, we worked a ton, found new families and marked a lot of baptismal dates and even a marriage! It will be my first one in the mission so I'm extremely excited. They have a baptism date for the 7th of November, so the wedding will be before then. We have a baptism this week! Finally!! I've gone through a tough couple of months, I feel like I worked harder than most in my mission, but sill had no baptism for a while. Hopefully this weekend will break the spell.

I had my interview with President Mathews just a couple of hours ago... So uhmmm... me and my group kinda extended our mission. We are serving more than 24 months... more like 25 in total. It was President's request because our original date lands in the middle of a transfer, and we all agreed to it no problem. We love 'Merica! But we can only serve one mission. My mission will end on February 16th if all goes well.

This picture was taken at the mission council. 10 Zone Leaders, 2 AP's, 8 Sister Leaders, 2 Secretaries, and Pres. & Sister Mathews.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 90, Transfer 15

Hey you!! Sorry last week the power went out in the city so we couldn't do internet again. 
Today has been a bit stressful because transfers were yesterday. Sosa and I are staying together for another 6 weeks, which was a bit of a surprise to be honest because we both go home on the same day and 2 Zone Leaders can't leave at the same time because the next Zone Leaders would be completely out of it. So one of us might be finishing the mission as a ZL. 
I have a lot of pics to send, I just hugged Burch goodbye! He's done!! It was kind of depressing, he's definitely one of the best friends I've ever made. I think we are going to be roommates for college, that's the plan so far at least, haha. This is our last picture together, I was so sad. 

Mission council was great, I enjoyed it a lot. We had our Zone meeting and it was dope! This is our whole Zone. 
And like every week... we got soaked again -.-' I hate rain now...

Everything in Assomada is turning super green because of the rain. There's tons of mosquitoes at night, so we bought those mosquito repellent things that you burn so we don't get eaten alive in our sleep. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 89

I was able to watch Conference but it was in Portuguese. I understand it, but I don't like how the translators don't really show emotion when they talk, so it was a bit boring and I didn't pay much attention to a lot of them. I'm downloading them today so I can listen to them at night in English if I have time during the week. I did really like Jefferey R. Holland's talk, it was way sweet and made me miss mom a lot.

We are also still looking for a house, the nicest one we have found is still under construction for like the next 2 weeks, so I don't know if we'll wait that long.

So tomorrow is my 3rd Misison Council, I'm pretty excited. And then next month we might have a Seventy there with us, Elder Dyches, so I'm even more excited.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 88

This past week was pretty dope, we had a special leadership training here in Assomada from President Mathews and the AP's for all the district leaders, zone leaders, and sister training leaders. It's always nice seeing Pres. Mathews, and I got a chance to do a division afterwards with Elder Romano (new AP). It was the first time we taught together since our second transfer back in Mindelo and it was crazy how much we both have changed since then.

We have also been looking for a new house all this past week. FINALLY!!! I'm getting out of a roach infested, moldy house, and Me and Sosa get to pick it so that's awesome. I found a house for the other doupla (companionship) living in the house (we'll be in different houses now) but still no luck in our area.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 87

My week was a bit sad because Ivanildo ended up getting sent to that rehabilitation center so he couldn't get baptized, but I was feeling good throughout the week. I've just been happier working even if our investigators have been struggling a lot lately. Nothing too special happened, just the normal work but with a happier Elder Zuniga.
Also, we got poured on again, here's me and a member soaking wet after sprinting through the rain for a while.
I don't know if I told you, but I gave up energy drinks forever, including Monsters. I promised God and everything. So what happens? The supermarket in Assomada has a HUGE sale on Monsters that very same week. Like 65 cents per can. It got me depressed. I should have started the promise a week later, lol. God has a sense of humor. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Week 86

This week was good at first, but it went downhill fast. It started out with a division with Elder Burch, I went over to his area to work and we had a good talk about our plans after the mission. I've actualy been feeling for a while that I shouldn't be welding after the mission and that I need to go back to college. The entire time Burch was trying to convince me to go to Utah State (he's been trying to convince me for like a year now). I want to be an architect. I just want to do something hands-on that doesn't destroy my body, and so far what God has told me is that I need to study hard for the first time in my life and get a really good education.

Sadly, Ivanildo was not baptized. He was being sent to a rehabilitation center in another city nearby because of past problems with drugs and his parents really wanted him to go for like 3 months. He almost had them convinced that he doesn't have to go but it was already too late for his baptism. We will try to get him baptized this Saturday, though.

Sosa and I... we get along great and all, but not as well as I got along with Mortensen. I'm still getting used to the way he teaches. Oh and it rained on us again -.-'

Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 85

Hi! My birthday was pretty dope! It didn't rain during the day, only very early in the morning. It's been pretty sunny all week long, and super humid. So now, because of our house with leaks EVERYWHERE, all of my clothes are growing mold. It's super disgusting and it already ruined 3 ties, my backpack, and my suit. I called Sister Mathews (mission president's wife) and she told me to wipe everything down with vinegar... I just haven't done it yet because vinegar smells bad.

Elder Mortensen was still able to make me my cake, it got destroyed on one side but he did a good job, lol. I'm going to miss Morty, he was one of my favorite comps right after Burch and Welch. Elder Sosa and I get along pretty good, much better than at the MTC.  The first few days were a bit frustrating because I'm not used to his teaching style, but I'm getting him into shape haha. 
Morty and I said goodbye to a ton of people we met together and members that helped us out a lot this week, it was sad but at least I'm still here. 

This is Ivanildo. He is getting baptized this Saturday and he is one of my favorite people in the entire world. Morty and I were having a tough day, we had been walking for a long time and all the people we talked to on the street were blowing us off and stuff. I was frustrated, so as we came around a corner I told Morty "Alright, I'm going to contact the very next person I see and he is going to get baptized" and as we turned the corner, I saw Ivanildo in front of his house pulling water out of a well. I went up to him and invited him to sit with us. I could tell he didn't want to talk to us, but we insisted and he told us to come back later. So we did, and we had the most powerful 1st Lesson of our entire missions. At the end he just cracked open and confessed to us how he had been drinking and using drugs and how it was destroying his parent's hearts. We invited him to be baptized and he accepted. Every time I see him now it just seems like he's brighter and happier. He's really excited for this Saturday, it's just a little sad that Mortensen won't be here to see it happen.
His parents are really well off, but both from different religions. His dad is Catholic and his mom attends a church called "Templo Mayor" both are super active members of their churches, but Ivanildo was never interested in religion. He is 27 years old and spent 2 years at a university in Bolivia, that's where he learned Spanish. He learned English by himself from books and movies and is very fluent... every lesson that we've taught him has been in English because he likes practicing. He's super smart, he is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, English, and a little French. When we found him he was working on getting his driver's license, which he finally got this past week. He is now looking for a job but nothing specific, he just wants to help his parents out. 
His mom cares about him a lot, it's a little sad to see how worried she was. Once we went over for a lesson and he wasn't there, but his mom answered the door and she called him like 10 times in a row and when she finally got a hold of him she got after him and told him to get home right away so we could talk to him. We tried to tell her it was ok and we could come back later and she said "If I couldn't get him to go to church, I'm praying that you two do, I just want him to change." We are going to make sure both parents can go to the baptism, maybe we can convert the whole family, fingers crossed! 

Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 84, 14th Transfer

Hey!!! Man this past week was sweet! I mean, nothing crazy weird happened but we just had a lot of success. So Mortensen got transferred! I am now serving with my MTC comp. Elder Sosa is here as the 2nd Zone Leader now, I'm excited for this next transfer, we should have a ton of success.
So me and Mortensen took a picture to put in the house of a member family that is super tight with us. Here it is, they said they would keep that picture forever, lol. He's still here, he will leave in 3 days, so he can make my cake, lol. And also Burch is in my zone now! It was nice seeing him today. He is going to die in an area called Pedra Bedejo close to Assomada. What's crazy is that I'll be home 3 months after he is, I think I will know my homecoming information next transfer. It's getting soooo close, it's way weird. After Burch leaves, there won't by anybody left that's older than me. I have no clue how time went by so fast, I feel like I just got here.

I'm also in the middle of a flipping hurricane!! It's raining super hard right now. God is just giving me the opportunity to email right now because the power has been going out all day.