Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 97

Elder Neville and I get along super good, I love this kid, he's like the nicest guy I've served with. He's a workaholic and not lazy at all, so I'm loving it haha. This area is amazing, as soon as I came in Neville and I went to work. We have a baptism this next Saturday and we marked another 6 baptisms for the moth of December in just one week. We are going to be successful here, I can feel it.
Serving in Praia is awesome too, there are so many missionaries and we get to hang out with them for lunch and stuff because everyone is super close by. I don't have to take a car for an hour to see someone like I did in Assomada.
You can't imagine how trunky I am for Christmas, I already bought Christmas lights like I did in Santa Maria and a Christmas tree haha. I want to be a Santa again, I think I'll be doing it every year for the rest of my life if money allows.

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