Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 96, Transfer 16, Praia

I got transferred!! I'm serving in the beautiful city of Praia in an area called Achadinha. This means I'll get packages as soon as they get here.
I'm finishing up Elder Neville's training, he's only been here 6 weeks, so he's my step son!
After tomorrow, my MTC group will be the oldest in the mission, how weird is that?!
I took a bunch of pictures with members and even some with huge spiders. Assomada has these HUGE spiders, I just had to do this before I left. I threw it back into a bush when I was done, Elder Sosa was scared of it haha, he's scared of a lot of things.
Man, I love my mission but I definitely do need a vacation, PDays don't cut it at all. It's getting to the point in my mission that I constantly want to take naps, but I never get to take one. My body feels so tired.
Me and Sosa's last burger we ate together
Wilson - helped us out a ton

Some amazing families that I'll never forget:

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