Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 36; 6th Transfer

Hey what's up!!! Haha poor Venom. Funny story, me and Burch trapped a bird named Jimmy in our apartment this morning. It flew into the window as well. We kept it for a few hours but then felt bad for it.
So guess what??? I'm staying here for at least another 6 weeks. I didn't get transferred, but Burch did :/ He leaves today at 3pm. He will be serving in Fogo, as a Zone leader. He is a total boss.
You know what's weird??? I'm in my 6th transfer. I'm as old as Burch was 3 months ago when we got transferred to be together! Weird, huh? I will be serving with Elder Welch, he's a cool guy from what I've seen, but I haven't talked to him much. I'm way pumped.
So good news and bad news! Good news is, the package you sent is in Praia, so I should be getting it later this week. Bad news, there was mold on it. It was all over one of the corners of the box. I got a call from the mission office asking me for permission to open my package and salvage anything that was still good, lol. But I'm still pumped to eat whatever is in there.
So I tried getting another SD card reader this morning but the dumb Chinese people didn't have one.
We had a baptism tho!! Of the sweetest old lady ever! She's John and Jasmyn's mom.
Flip, I'm out of time, tell you more about her next time!!! Love you!!!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 35, 8 Months Out!

I appreciate that God helped me out but... He broke my watch lol. It's annoying having to ask Elder Burch for the time every once in a while. Man so me and Burch kept working harder than ever, and we finally hit our goal!!!! After 2 1/2 months, we finally got 40 people at Sacrament Meeting!! I was way happy.
So this week is the last of the transfer. More than likely Elder Burch and I are gonna get split up cuz last transfer all the southern islands changed BIG time and there was only like 3 changes in all the northern islands. So President said that now the northern ones are gonna get changed. I'm not looking forward to it, Burch and I are way tight and we both love our area. Nobody wants to leave.
It's not a for sure thing about transfers, but it might be me leaving or Burch or both, or none of us. E um bocod complicod (it's a bit complicated).
So my SD card reader I bought at the Chinese store for 2 bucks finally stopped working, lol. Bob sagit, I can't send pics :/
Alright well this would be way funnier with pics, but me and Elder Burch cleaned up the kitchen for a good 4 hours this morning. We have been arguing about whose turn it was for doing the dishes for about a week and a half now. (It was totally his turn) so nobody washed them. We left all the old food and plates pile up and it just started to reek sooo flippin bad for the past 4 days. It was sooo gross cleaning it up, it was super moldy and there were worms and maggots everywhere... lesson learned. Never again. We don't have pics of everything, only of this one pot of rice and corn that had been sitting on our counter for a week. Dude rice stinks SOOO bad when it gets old. It's worse than fish. I recorded Elder Burch taking a huge breath of it, unfortunately he didn't puke. Oh and he shaved his initials into one of my legs, lol. I hated being home last week, it was all stinky and full of flies ALL THE TIME.

Dude time flies by sooo fast. Today I hit 8 months! It's crazy. I'm Elder Burch's age when we got together. Now he's a month away from hitting his year mark. I feel like I just got here, lol.
Elder Montes taught me a huge lesson in my mission. He's a great missionary and when he slept over here a couple of nights I asked him if he ever passed a time in his mission when he was trunky. He said "I think I've been trunky since day one" and I was like WHAT???? He explained the difference between trunkyness and homesickness. I've never been homesick, but I have been trunky a lot. He explained it way well so I don't really feel bad for having my mind wander off when I'm home or something lol.

He time's up! I gotta go! I love you tons and take care!!!!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Week 34

I freakn' love the candy you sent, the candy here is weird, they have kit kats here but they're made with sugar cane sugar so they taste weird lol.
Did you send family pics??? I don't know if I forgot to ask for those or not, sorry. And why does mom like packing peanuts?? Last package I got from her was like half peanuts, lol.
So this week was pretty cool, it had it's ups and downs, a lot of lessons fell through and I feel like I walked more than any other week in my mission. But at the same time, we had some way spiritual lessons and we were able to meet some very special people who were just ding to hear about the gospel and for someone to invite them to church. One of them was John's mom (our recent convert). She was a die-hard catholic in the past, but had stopped going to church for years. We were teaching her about the restoration and when we were reciting the first vision, she started to cry. As she wiped away the tears, we asked her to share how she was feeling. She said she felt something in her heart, something huge that she couldn't keep inside and she instantly believed it was our Heavenly Father talking to her. We invited her to get baptized on the 27th of this month and she was a little concerned at first because of her age, but after we explained the importance of baptism, she agreed.
It was the best hearing John share his testimony to his mother. We also had a family home evening at a member's house that was way cool, sorry I didn't take pictures this week haha, but I will next week, hopefully.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Week 33

So man, this past week was probably the best week I've had on the mission so far. Especially cuz of this man and his daughter right here, John and Jasmyn. Everything about them is a total miracle. Guess how many times we sat down with them to teach them before baptism?? Only 5 times. We have only known them for 2 and a half weeks. It's insane! Dad was an investigator for like 6 months, lol.
So let's start from the beginning... About 3 weeks ago Elder Burch and I were having a tough couple of days. Everyone was cancelling lessons with us, nobody was home because of stupid parties everywhere, we were super tired from walking around ALL day. We were feeling way frustrated. We decided we needed to stop and say a prayer and ask God to lead us to someone, so we did and after a couple of minutes we talked about it and decided to go to a zone called "Ladeira". We have only visited that zone once before cuz we don't know anyone from there. So we walked down this area for like 5 minutes and we heard someone whistling at us. We turned around and saw this man walking out of his house with his bike and workout clothes and gloves and stuff. We started talking and this man had so many questions about God such as "what does God look like?" "I heard there is other people in the universe, does he look like an alien?" and "Why did God abandon his children here on earth?" and stuff like that.
After a few minutes we asked if he had time to talk and he said no because he was going to work out, so we invited him to church the next day (this was Saturday) and he said "Alright, I'll think about it". So the next morning he showed up with 2 of his daughters, and during one of the hours a member was teaching a lesson about Job and all he went through. It turns out that was just what John needed. After the class, he even stood up and shook the member's hand and thanked him for giving a good lesson and said he'd never heard a story like that in his life before.
We visited him the next day and he just absorbed information like a sponge. We taught him the law of chastity and word of wisdom and he said that he's not into that life anymore, and that he's old now and is looking for someone to spend the rest of his life with and not just a one night stand sort of deal. That was a miracle in itself cuz 99% of Cape Verdeans only want to party and have sex. I'm not even exaggerating.

I know it's hard to see because he's wearing a super huge baptism robe, but this guys arms are like the size of my thighs, lol. He's super buff. He wanted to get baptized in the ocean, not in the little pools as usual. It was way cool but we didn't have any white clothes so we weren't witnesses :( only from the beach. 

One of the members drew my name in the sand. With a backwards "g". 

We also spent a few days in Sao Vincent this week for a District Leader Meeting with Elder Moreira, remember him?? The 70? He's a total boss, it was way spiritual and cool, but I forgot my camera so I have no pics of that :/

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Week 32; 20th Birthday!

Man today doesn't even feel like my birthday, I'm like banned out here in the butt crack of Africa with nobody around haha. Check out my birthday present form one of our investigators!!! A tootsie roll!!! It's the first time I see one in about 7 months! American candy!!

So let's see, cuzas (things) that happened this passed week... Remember Danildo?? My recent convert is such a boss that he did divisions with me for an entire day! Hinzaguy did the same with Elder Burch. They are on fire, man, they helped so much, introducing people to us and helping us teach. I have two name tags and on one of them I covered up Zuniga and put Alves, so Danildo was super excited about that. 

I liked these two walls here and the mountain behind me. The path goes through them, so we don't have to walk over it. 

If there is one thing I have learned in my mission, is that Jehovah Witness people suck. Elder Burch and I taped this to our door and we see it every day, lol. 
(What is the secret to have a happy family?)
Well, that's it for today!