Monday, September 15, 2014

Week 34

I freakn' love the candy you sent, the candy here is weird, they have kit kats here but they're made with sugar cane sugar so they taste weird lol.
Did you send family pics??? I don't know if I forgot to ask for those or not, sorry. And why does mom like packing peanuts?? Last package I got from her was like half peanuts, lol.
So this week was pretty cool, it had it's ups and downs, a lot of lessons fell through and I feel like I walked more than any other week in my mission. But at the same time, we had some way spiritual lessons and we were able to meet some very special people who were just ding to hear about the gospel and for someone to invite them to church. One of them was John's mom (our recent convert). She was a die-hard catholic in the past, but had stopped going to church for years. We were teaching her about the restoration and when we were reciting the first vision, she started to cry. As she wiped away the tears, we asked her to share how she was feeling. She said she felt something in her heart, something huge that she couldn't keep inside and she instantly believed it was our Heavenly Father talking to her. We invited her to get baptized on the 27th of this month and she was a little concerned at first because of her age, but after we explained the importance of baptism, she agreed.
It was the best hearing John share his testimony to his mother. We also had a family home evening at a member's house that was way cool, sorry I didn't take pictures this week haha, but I will next week, hopefully.

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