Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 35, 8 Months Out!

I appreciate that God helped me out but... He broke my watch lol. It's annoying having to ask Elder Burch for the time every once in a while. Man so me and Burch kept working harder than ever, and we finally hit our goal!!!! After 2 1/2 months, we finally got 40 people at Sacrament Meeting!! I was way happy.
So this week is the last of the transfer. More than likely Elder Burch and I are gonna get split up cuz last transfer all the southern islands changed BIG time and there was only like 3 changes in all the northern islands. So President said that now the northern ones are gonna get changed. I'm not looking forward to it, Burch and I are way tight and we both love our area. Nobody wants to leave.
It's not a for sure thing about transfers, but it might be me leaving or Burch or both, or none of us. E um bocod complicod (it's a bit complicated).
So my SD card reader I bought at the Chinese store for 2 bucks finally stopped working, lol. Bob sagit, I can't send pics :/
Alright well this would be way funnier with pics, but me and Elder Burch cleaned up the kitchen for a good 4 hours this morning. We have been arguing about whose turn it was for doing the dishes for about a week and a half now. (It was totally his turn) so nobody washed them. We left all the old food and plates pile up and it just started to reek sooo flippin bad for the past 4 days. It was sooo gross cleaning it up, it was super moldy and there were worms and maggots everywhere... lesson learned. Never again. We don't have pics of everything, only of this one pot of rice and corn that had been sitting on our counter for a week. Dude rice stinks SOOO bad when it gets old. It's worse than fish. I recorded Elder Burch taking a huge breath of it, unfortunately he didn't puke. Oh and he shaved his initials into one of my legs, lol. I hated being home last week, it was all stinky and full of flies ALL THE TIME.

Dude time flies by sooo fast. Today I hit 8 months! It's crazy. I'm Elder Burch's age when we got together. Now he's a month away from hitting his year mark. I feel like I just got here, lol.
Elder Montes taught me a huge lesson in my mission. He's a great missionary and when he slept over here a couple of nights I asked him if he ever passed a time in his mission when he was trunky. He said "I think I've been trunky since day one" and I was like WHAT???? He explained the difference between trunkyness and homesickness. I've never been homesick, but I have been trunky a lot. He explained it way well so I don't really feel bad for having my mind wander off when I'm home or something lol.

He time's up! I gotta go! I love you tons and take care!!!!

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