Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 36; 6th Transfer

Hey what's up!!! Haha poor Venom. Funny story, me and Burch trapped a bird named Jimmy in our apartment this morning. It flew into the window as well. We kept it for a few hours but then felt bad for it.
So guess what??? I'm staying here for at least another 6 weeks. I didn't get transferred, but Burch did :/ He leaves today at 3pm. He will be serving in Fogo, as a Zone leader. He is a total boss.
You know what's weird??? I'm in my 6th transfer. I'm as old as Burch was 3 months ago when we got transferred to be together! Weird, huh? I will be serving with Elder Welch, he's a cool guy from what I've seen, but I haven't talked to him much. I'm way pumped.
So good news and bad news! Good news is, the package you sent is in Praia, so I should be getting it later this week. Bad news, there was mold on it. It was all over one of the corners of the box. I got a call from the mission office asking me for permission to open my package and salvage anything that was still good, lol. But I'm still pumped to eat whatever is in there.
So I tried getting another SD card reader this morning but the dumb Chinese people didn't have one.
We had a baptism tho!! Of the sweetest old lady ever! She's John and Jasmyn's mom.
Flip, I'm out of time, tell you more about her next time!!! Love you!!!

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