Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Week 37

Elder Welch is a boss, we get along just fine. And I got your package finally!! Dude frozen twinkies are my favorite thing in the world. I put one in the freezer every morning and when I come home at night I enjoy a little piece of heaven.
So I finally found another SD card reader! Here's a picture of Etalvina (my mission Grandma) she's so sweet. Before transfers, we visited them and told them one of us was leaving and she's all like, "Oh no!" Then she runs into her room and grabs 2 pairs of socks and she gives me one pair and Burch the other. She said "here, take these wherever you go, that way you won't forget about me." It melted my heart man, lol. I'm keeping these socks for the rest of my life.
Speaking of transfers, this is the last pic of Burch I have, he was sad that he was leaving. So I wrote you a letter about this week and so I feel like there's no reason for me to write again on here lol.
Love you tons! Tchao!

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