Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 40

This week was awesome! Got soo much work done and reached tons of goals we had. This is the Family Home Evening we had last Monday, it was sick!!! We had a bunch of food. Cachupa (in the pot), fish, popcorn, little round banana cake things, some potatoes, and the super good chocolate cake I made. The kid looks funny lol, I think it's the first time he has seen a camera.
Also, it's impossible getting Cabo Verdeans to stop and take a pic. 

Man so Cabo Verdeans get SUPER into soccer. Like when they're playing against each other. They never have fun, they are just super competitive. So this guy, Sandino is a member and he was playing against some other team and they started arguing. Long story short, one of the other guys smashed a rock on his head and knocked him out. He got 12 stitches on his head. This is him 4 days later. 

The sun is shining on this mountain very epic-ally. 
Oh and here's my sexy comp, Elder Welch. 
And then there's me. 

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