Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 44

We had another week full of tiny miracles. We hit frequency of 50 again in church! It's crazy how much this branch has grown, I remember my first few Sundays only having 25ish people at sacrament. We owe all this growth to the members here. I would honestly put my money on them if we were looking for the hardest working members in the world.
The volcano in Fogo erupted!!! Haha Elder Olsen had to move out of his area cuz he was right under it.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 43

What's up!!! You're so lucky to feel cold over there, I still sweat like crazy every day, although it does feel a slightly bit cooler than last week. Man so this week was super sweet!!! The Zone Leaders came over for divisions and slept here for 3 days. When you are isolated in an island 2 hours away from any other elder, a division feels like Christmas morning. Elder Welch (my old comp) is now Zone Leader so he came back along with Elder Ernst. They are both such bosses, I stuck with Ernst all division long and I learned tons from him. He's kind of a legend in this mission, he trained a greenie his second transfer, while he was still a greenie himself. That happens like... almost never haha.
So, another interesting story about this week, we had Stake Conference! But it was on another island, so EVERYONE that has a calling in our branch (about 80% of total frequency) left all weekend long to go to it. And lucky Elder Zuniga and Elder Reid stayed behind to have regular Sunday with investigators and anyone else who doesn't have a calling. I was acting as Branch President Zuniga this past Sunday. It was actually pretty sick, I liked it a lot.
I taught Elder's Quorum, prepared sacrament, blessed it, gave a talk during sacrament... stuff like that. All while taking care of investigators. It honestly wasn't that hard, but I would have loved to travel back to Sao Vincent and see Helder and other people from my old ward.

So anyways, during the divisions we were playing with the special effects on my camera, and we made an EFY counselor!!! It's my huge smile with Elder Welch's eyes, lol.

On the left here is Elder Reid and Elder Ernst is in the middle.

This is me with the Branch President's agenda, which kinda made me Branch President Zuniga lol.

Also, this literally happens every time I let one of my comps cut my hair. I bought some clippers back with Elder Burch for about 5 bucks and a regular haircut at a barber is $2.50 so I've already saved like $7.50. Good job Zuniga haha. I just tell all my comps to buzz it off. 
So I hope you're not expecting Garca to be like a super beautiful place, lol it's kinda super isolated there and it's in the middle of nowhere. Here's us pointing at it: 
We had a member with us and man, if you let a Cabo Verdean use your camera they literally take like a billion pics from every possible angle lol. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Week 42

I'm alone!!!! I have had no comp all day!! He'll get here in 2 hours, though. Elder Welch got transferred out of here, sadface, but we still had a sick last week. I took the best pic ever, we were helping out one of our less actives carry food for his cows up a mountain. It was harder than it looked, my respects for people who do it twice a day every single day of the year.
I'm not gonna say much at the moment because I'll be emailing later when Elder Reid gets here. I'm super pumped to serve with him, he's already a buddy of mine when I was back in Sao Vincent.
Anyways, laters!

I'm back! It was sooo weird being alone! I didn't know what to do, I just chilled with Hinzaguy most of the time but he had to work, so I stayed home alone until Reid got here, and now he's here! I'm super pumped to serve with him, he's a boss. I got a call at 11PM last night telling me that my comp was leaving at 8AM and I needed to find someone to stay with, so naturally everyone decided to be busy, so I had nobody to be my comp. I was alone from 8AM until 2PM. Weirdest feeling of my mission so far. I was freaking out. 
So this past week was way busy, we did a ton of work with less active members. Something happened that I honestly never believed would happen in my mission. I actually love a little kid, lol. His name is William or "Willy", he is seriously the most adorable kid ever. He's not loud at all and he actually behaves! Only at church tho haha which is good. He's only 6 but he says he wants to serve a mission when he's older, little stud haha. I asked him to sit next to me and take a pic and the first thing he does is throw up a peace sign. He's the one in orange. 

This week we also made History!! We visited a zone called Garca which took us an hour and a half in a car and another 30 of walking to get to. I was the first missionary to ever set foot in that area! Welch was second, lol. I have pics but they're in a different SD card that I forgot, sorry. I'll send some next week. The little zone only has about 20 families total, and 2 of them have been coming to church twice a month for a while, they have a baptism date for the 13th of December, I'm so pumped for them! 
Dude!! Look at this pic Elder Olsen drew me. It is seriously my favorite drawing ever. He knows me so well, haha. It's a bunch of Yoshi, Naruto, and Dragon Ball Z stuff. 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Week 41

Araci got baptized and confirmed!! She is such a boss. I wrote you a letter about her story, it's amazing what this girl went through to get baptized, she literally got kicked out of her house for it.
This week was pretty busy, worked a lot but didn't feel as tired for some reason.

So I forgot it was Halloween until that night when I saw little kids dressed up and I was like "you kids are retarded" then I remembered it was October. 
Hey don't send me any chocolate for Christmas, just a bit of candy, I don't wanna get fatter lol. Oh and some spicy ketchup! I've been out for a while. Anyways, I gtg, you'll be getting a letter in like 2 weeks, take care! Love you lots! Tchao!