Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 97

Elder Neville and I get along super good, I love this kid, he's like the nicest guy I've served with. He's a workaholic and not lazy at all, so I'm loving it haha. This area is amazing, as soon as I came in Neville and I went to work. We have a baptism this next Saturday and we marked another 6 baptisms for the moth of December in just one week. We are going to be successful here, I can feel it.
Serving in Praia is awesome too, there are so many missionaries and we get to hang out with them for lunch and stuff because everyone is super close by. I don't have to take a car for an hour to see someone like I did in Assomada.
You can't imagine how trunky I am for Christmas, I already bought Christmas lights like I did in Santa Maria and a Christmas tree haha. I want to be a Santa again, I think I'll be doing it every year for the rest of my life if money allows.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 96, Transfer 16, Praia

I got transferred!! I'm serving in the beautiful city of Praia in an area called Achadinha. This means I'll get packages as soon as they get here.
I'm finishing up Elder Neville's training, he's only been here 6 weeks, so he's my step son!
After tomorrow, my MTC group will be the oldest in the mission, how weird is that?!
I took a bunch of pictures with members and even some with huge spiders. Assomada has these HUGE spiders, I just had to do this before I left. I threw it back into a bush when I was done, Elder Sosa was scared of it haha, he's scared of a lot of things.
Man, I love my mission but I definitely do need a vacation, PDays don't cut it at all. It's getting to the point in my mission that I constantly want to take naps, but I never get to take one. My body feels so tired.
Me and Sosa's last burger we ate together
Wilson - helped us out a ton

Some amazing families that I'll never forget:

Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 95

So Zone Conference and Mission Leadership Conference were way cool. I liked MLC better though, Elder Dyches is a really spiritual guy, but doesn't make you feel horrible for not being perfect like other leaders, haha. He's a nice man.
This next week will be transfers, and I'm pretty sure I'm leaving. It's a bittersweet feeling knowing that I won't be a ZL. I can finally not be stressed and just worry about my own area and investigators, but I'll miss seeing the work from that point of view and seeing how individual missionaries progress.
I don't have pics this week, but next week I'll have a ton since I'll take pictures with members I'm going to miss a lot.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 94

This week was really interesting. For starters, I had my 4th and more than likely final Zone Meeting. It was the most spiritual in my opinion, and I felt that the trainings were awesome. Elder Leyton (from Peru) that was living in our house was emergency transferred, so it was sad to see him leave because he was an awesome friend, but he is now in Terrafal, so he's still in my zone.

Erickson was baptized! Alongside Bruno who is also an amazing investigator. I can honestly say that these 2 got baptized because of the Book of Mormon; we taught them how important it was and they prayed about it. After receiving an answer, they were converted. Every time we would pass by to teach them, they would basically teach us of what they studied about.
Bruno is the darker one, he's here from Santiago, and Erickson is the really tall one from Santo Antao.

This coming week is going to be sort of crazy for us, we will be gone from our area for 3 days. Tomorrow we have Mission Leadership Conference and Elder Dyches (from the 70) will be there. I'm super excited for that. The day after we have Zone Conference with him again but with the Assomada and Praia zones together, and then after that we have a division with the AP's which will take all day. I'm really excited for it. 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 93

Hey! So this week was a bit hard, to be honest. There were parties all throughout the weekend, which screwed us over when it came to having investigators in church, but one of them did come. His name is Erickson and he is getting baptized on Saturday. He's actually from Santo Antao so it was way fun being able to talk to him about Ribeira Grande and stuff. He's one of the coolest investigators I've had. We leave him chapters in the Book of Mormon to read and when we follow up with his reading he basically teaches us. He understands so well and has a huge desire to follow God, so I'm way excited for that.
Sadly, the wedding I was talking about last week won't happen for a couple of weeks. Mariza, the woman who's getting married, has problems with her family and they don't want her getting married because of issues with Ze, her future husband. They'll totally get married, but just need a few more weeks to prepare and stuff.

Hey the internet keeps going on and off today, I'm going to have to go, but maybe I'll come back later. Have a good week!