Monday, April 27, 2015

Week 66, Fourth Area!

I got transferred!!!!!! I'm going to San Tiago, to an area called Chao Bom. I'm leaving in a few hours, I hate saying good bye to people, I fell in love with this branch :(
I'll arrive tomorrow, it is a one hour car ride from the city of Praia. My new companion will be Elder Barrus, he is Cape Verdian from Fogo but I've never met him. Should be fun though, I'm excited :)

Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 65

Psh, I don't know what this whole "adult" thing is you are talking about, but if it doesn't include Dragon Ball Z, then I'm not doing it.
Anyways, Hi! This past week was great, I even walked around with my camera and took a bunch of pictures to send you, but then I got here to the internet cyber, and the owner apparently downloaded some sort of other internet program and DOESN'T allow you to send pics.
But back to my great week; the work is going a lot better now, we had been struggling for a few weeks. We are teaching a few families that are super cool, and we had 10 investigators at church yesterday.
Also, the Chapel is almost done! So we have had the chance to do activities every Saturday again, but this time us missionaries are in charge, at least for the next few weeks. This past Saturday we had like 30 people there and it was super fun, everyone loved it. I definitely feel loved here, I love the members and it honestly makes me not miss home.

Oh Yessss! I figured it out! lol turns out I CAN send pictures from here.
This was this past Saturday, this is the Sacrament room.

Also, we visited a zone a 20 minute car ride away called "Palha Verde" and we took some members with us. We have an inactive family there that nobody visited for a while, they were happy to talk to us. 
It's in the middle of nowhere though, and there is NOTHING out there lol. 
And I'm not sure if I ever told you, but our Branch President is in a wheelchair. He had an accident a few years ago and can't walk, but he always stands up for a couple of hours a day because he's been able to take a few steps and believes he can walk again someday. I hope he gets there!

So these are the April Fool's pictures of the Saran-wrapped toilet.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 64

    Well, my week was great! We almost doubled our Sacrament attendance from last week. It was 37 last Sunday and 61 yesterday. It was way awesome seeing the chapel that packed with people. We had been struggling for a while, I don't know why but it happens. They weren't all investigators, a lot of them are less actives that we have been working with and they are coming back strong. It's going to help this area tons, we literally only have 4 worthy priesthood holders besides the missionaries in the entire city. This branch is super new, only about a year and 10 months.
    We also had interviews with President Matthews again. It was pretty good but nothing crazy special. He always starts the same way, "Are you obedient?" then it goes on from there. He is really into obedience. It's crazy though, I never really talk to him much about how I feel, but during the interview he said "I know after spending so much time in Ribeira Grande you didn't feel like you were progressing or becoming a better missionary, but I've seen you progress a lot here in the past few months." Which is completely true, it was definitely the spirit that told him cuz I have never told anybody that. I definitely feel like a much more powerful teacher now. It's nice to have someone to talk to about everything that's not your comp (nothing against McMullin, I love that kid).
     Oh and speaking of McMulling, some guy totally punched him in the chest this past week, lol. They guy is mentally ill so he didn't really know what he was doing. He is always walking around the streets. We walked past him and I heard a super loud smack, so I turned and McMullin had the most confused look on his face lol.
    I forgot my camera this week, so I'll send pics next week! (sorry) Also, I'll be Skyping home on Mother's Day next month, Elder Gooch was nice enough to give me his web cam before he left.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 63

Hi! This week was kinda normal, but a lot better than last week. General Conference was pretty cool, I enjoyed it a lot since a ton of the talks were about marriage and families. We saw it at our Branch President's house on Saturday and at the chapel on Sunday. The chapel is about to be finished! Sorry, I guess I never really told you that its been under construction for the past 2 months, so every Saturday night or Sunday morning we have been cleaning up the Sacrament room and other new classrooms. They are doing the finishing touches and should be done this weekend. I'll take pics and a video for you.
April Fools was fun! McMullin and I seran-wrapped the toilet for the other Elders lol. Like 95% of all pranks happened in the bathroom or while someone was showering. I have a few pictures but I'm at an internet cafe that doesn't allow me to send pics, lame -.-