Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 63

Hi! This week was kinda normal, but a lot better than last week. General Conference was pretty cool, I enjoyed it a lot since a ton of the talks were about marriage and families. We saw it at our Branch President's house on Saturday and at the chapel on Sunday. The chapel is about to be finished! Sorry, I guess I never really told you that its been under construction for the past 2 months, so every Saturday night or Sunday morning we have been cleaning up the Sacrament room and other new classrooms. They are doing the finishing touches and should be done this weekend. I'll take pics and a video for you.
April Fools was fun! McMullin and I seran-wrapped the toilet for the other Elders lol. Like 95% of all pranks happened in the bathroom or while someone was showering. I have a few pictures but I'm at an internet cafe that doesn't allow me to send pics, lame -.-

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