Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Week 18, Transfer #3

I haven't gotten your package, but it looks like I'll be getting it in a week or two. It's already in Praia, but I'm kinda on a different island. So anyways, this right here is Ravidson, or Ravi for short. He is 23 and is such a boss, he is a recent convert, barely got baptized the week before I got here. He had a lot of problems with alcohol but he was able to get over them. He had a couple of fall backs, but he is going strong. I took a pic with him and he wouldn't smile, so I got after him and made him take another pic lol.

Yesterday we had 10 investigators at church!!! I was super happy! This family right here were among them. I'm super excited to keep working with them and help them come closer to our Heavenly Father. Last night was Transfer night, I had my fingers crossed so I wouldn't get transferred, which thankfully, I didn't. We are working with sooo many families, there's no way I want to leave them till they all get married and baptized, lol. One of these families is Valdivinho and Teresa. We had a Family Home Evening with them. Valdivinho is actually a less active and one of the first people to get baptized in the city of Mindelo. He actually found us when he was drunk lol. We were walking down the street and we heard a guy yell "The Church of Jesus Christi of Latter-Day Saints, the one true church!" He was drunk and stuff, but we still made an appointment with him and we went by a couple of days later. We started teaching him and the woman he is living with (who is super catholic) and now she wants to be baptized! I love that family soo much, they all showed up to church 2 times in a row.

So we took this pic on Saturday at District meeting. I love these guys, they're some of the funniest people I've ever met haha. Elder Romano and Elder Hartman are sitting next to me and Elder Burch, Elder Olsen, and Elder Taylor are standing in the back. Also, I'm gonna try forwarding a pic of our zone. 

Well, I don't have any time left, so take care!!! I love you! Buh bye!

-Elder Zuniga

Monday, May 19, 2014

Week 17, FHE

Hey sorry but this is going to be a short email too. I only have like 5 minutes. I actually have tons of pictures to send now but this computer is being super lame and sending them all slow.
This is Bruno's family right here. He's the older son, that draws like a boss. His younger brother is Steven and his sister's name is Luana. The mom's name is Ligia. We had an awesome family home evening last Monday, there was a ton of people in this tiny one-room house. I don't know if I told you last week, but her husband passed away like 2 years ago :/ It's sad cuz they're an awesome family.
And here is all of us at Noite Familiar. Dude! I got a Cabo Verdean to smile on camera! lol. I'll show you next week, his name is Ravidson, or Ravi for short, he's super cool, I love that guy. Well, I'm out of time, I'll tell you abut this week next week along with what happened next week as well, so next week you'll receive next week and this week's pics and stuff that happens during the week. Take care!!! Good luck with school and whatnot. I feel like Venom is gonna be very lonely.
Oh and I haven't received anything yet, but hopefully I will next week. Tchao! I love you!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Week 16, now with pictures!

Hey what's up! Yes I totally get to skype again (on Christmas), and don't let mom send sunscreen, I really wouldn't even use it. But at least I look like a Mexican again, all that time in Utah made me look super white. {not really}
I didn't get much time to talk to everyone, and yeah it was super nice seeing everyone and stuff but don't let dad invite sooo many people over next time, I feel like I didn't have a conversation with anyone. Man, you should have let me see Venom, I've yet to see him in more than just pictures.
So man, this past week was pretty crazy. On Monday night I was super excited because I finally realized I was Skyping with you all that Sunday. Then we got a call from the APs saying that we're giving a training Thursday morning at Zone Conference. I was like, Crap lol. Zone Conference is when all the missionaries in the zone get together along with President Oliveira, the APs (assistants to the President) and other important people. We all have an 8 hour meeting learning how to become better missionaries and stuff. I wrote you a letter about how that went, so I guess I don't need to write tons more about it.
So I actually took pics this week! These are a few pics of "Barrio Lata" (neighborhood of tin), it's like one of the poorest places in the entire city of Mindelo, it's kinda sad. All the houses are made of tin (hence the name) it's one of the areas that me and elder Olsen work at.

Sorry the pics aren't that great, but it's a super sketchy place and I would get robbed if I start looking like a tourist. But it's not all bad, I like that they make the most of everything and they decorate the house. Like this poem here, tell me if you understand it. And also, an epic Gohan. 

This epic old lady was carrying sooo many eggs on her head. This is actually pretty common. All the ladys carry huge things on their heads. I just thought this one was impressive cuz she was old lol. 

Also, Peter Pan bro, Peter Pan. 

Well, that's about it for this week. Expect a letter in like 2 weeks or so. It was nice seeing and talking to you yesterday! Tchao! 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Week 15

100 Days?? It feels like a month ago that I left, that's weird. And yeah, you should definitely make a list of all the movies I need to see when I get back.
It's hard to sum it all up in one email, our area is flooded with less actives, so we really work harder trying to bring them back to church rather than find new investigators. Although we found an awesome family 2 days ago. It's 3 kids and the mom. Sadly the husband had just passed away a few years back, but the kids are wayy smarter than the average Cabo Verdeans. The oldest is Bruno, who is 13. Him and I just clicked instantly cuz he loves drawing and also loves Dragon Ball Z. He drew a super cool Gohan and Goku on the wall of his house and his mom got super mad haha. This family showed soo much interest when we told them our purpose as missionaries, but the mom works A LOT. We're only gonna get to teach them twice a week so they'll progress pretty slowly.
Well I'll try to write more about other investigators next week, for now I kinda have to go. Take care! I love you!! Tchao Tchao