Monday, May 12, 2014

Week 16, now with pictures!

Hey what's up! Yes I totally get to skype again (on Christmas), and don't let mom send sunscreen, I really wouldn't even use it. But at least I look like a Mexican again, all that time in Utah made me look super white. {not really}
I didn't get much time to talk to everyone, and yeah it was super nice seeing everyone and stuff but don't let dad invite sooo many people over next time, I feel like I didn't have a conversation with anyone. Man, you should have let me see Venom, I've yet to see him in more than just pictures.
So man, this past week was pretty crazy. On Monday night I was super excited because I finally realized I was Skyping with you all that Sunday. Then we got a call from the APs saying that we're giving a training Thursday morning at Zone Conference. I was like, Crap lol. Zone Conference is when all the missionaries in the zone get together along with President Oliveira, the APs (assistants to the President) and other important people. We all have an 8 hour meeting learning how to become better missionaries and stuff. I wrote you a letter about how that went, so I guess I don't need to write tons more about it.
So I actually took pics this week! These are a few pics of "Barrio Lata" (neighborhood of tin), it's like one of the poorest places in the entire city of Mindelo, it's kinda sad. All the houses are made of tin (hence the name) it's one of the areas that me and elder Olsen work at.

Sorry the pics aren't that great, but it's a super sketchy place and I would get robbed if I start looking like a tourist. But it's not all bad, I like that they make the most of everything and they decorate the house. Like this poem here, tell me if you understand it. And also, an epic Gohan. 

This epic old lady was carrying sooo many eggs on her head. This is actually pretty common. All the ladys carry huge things on their heads. I just thought this one was impressive cuz she was old lol. 

Also, Peter Pan bro, Peter Pan. 

Well, that's about it for this week. Expect a letter in like 2 weeks or so. It was nice seeing and talking to you yesterday! Tchao! 

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