Monday, May 19, 2014

Week 17, FHE

Hey sorry but this is going to be a short email too. I only have like 5 minutes. I actually have tons of pictures to send now but this computer is being super lame and sending them all slow.
This is Bruno's family right here. He's the older son, that draws like a boss. His younger brother is Steven and his sister's name is Luana. The mom's name is Ligia. We had an awesome family home evening last Monday, there was a ton of people in this tiny one-room house. I don't know if I told you last week, but her husband passed away like 2 years ago :/ It's sad cuz they're an awesome family.
And here is all of us at Noite Familiar. Dude! I got a Cabo Verdean to smile on camera! lol. I'll show you next week, his name is Ravidson, or Ravi for short, he's super cool, I love that guy. Well, I'm out of time, I'll tell you abut this week next week along with what happened next week as well, so next week you'll receive next week and this week's pics and stuff that happens during the week. Take care!!! Good luck with school and whatnot. I feel like Venom is gonna be very lonely.
Oh and I haven't received anything yet, but hopefully I will next week. Tchao! I love you!

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