Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 43

What's up!!! You're so lucky to feel cold over there, I still sweat like crazy every day, although it does feel a slightly bit cooler than last week. Man so this week was super sweet!!! The Zone Leaders came over for divisions and slept here for 3 days. When you are isolated in an island 2 hours away from any other elder, a division feels like Christmas morning. Elder Welch (my old comp) is now Zone Leader so he came back along with Elder Ernst. They are both such bosses, I stuck with Ernst all division long and I learned tons from him. He's kind of a legend in this mission, he trained a greenie his second transfer, while he was still a greenie himself. That happens like... almost never haha.
So, another interesting story about this week, we had Stake Conference! But it was on another island, so EVERYONE that has a calling in our branch (about 80% of total frequency) left all weekend long to go to it. And lucky Elder Zuniga and Elder Reid stayed behind to have regular Sunday with investigators and anyone else who doesn't have a calling. I was acting as Branch President Zuniga this past Sunday. It was actually pretty sick, I liked it a lot.
I taught Elder's Quorum, prepared sacrament, blessed it, gave a talk during sacrament... stuff like that. All while taking care of investigators. It honestly wasn't that hard, but I would have loved to travel back to Sao Vincent and see Helder and other people from my old ward.

So anyways, during the divisions we were playing with the special effects on my camera, and we made an EFY counselor!!! It's my huge smile with Elder Welch's eyes, lol.

On the left here is Elder Reid and Elder Ernst is in the middle.

This is me with the Branch President's agenda, which kinda made me Branch President Zuniga lol.

Also, this literally happens every time I let one of my comps cut my hair. I bought some clippers back with Elder Burch for about 5 bucks and a regular haircut at a barber is $2.50 so I've already saved like $7.50. Good job Zuniga haha. I just tell all my comps to buzz it off. 
So I hope you're not expecting Garca to be like a super beautiful place, lol it's kinda super isolated there and it's in the middle of nowhere. Here's us pointing at it: 
We had a member with us and man, if you let a Cabo Verdean use your camera they literally take like a billion pics from every possible angle lol. 

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