Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 39

This was an interesting week, way better than the last. First of all, the Thompsons, who are the humanitarian missionary couple for Cape Verde, visited us and asked us to take them to some schools in the area so they could find a school that needs help with money and stuff. We visited a tiny school in Figueral which had about 75 students in only 3 really small classrooms with not much in them, just old chairs and tables. It was awesome talking to the little kids, especially this one kid with the Dragon Ball Z bag!! I just had to take a picture with it, the kid was like wtf?

So I had a crappy week last week but this one was tons better, we got so much work done and were working a lot with this one girl who is super special. We talked to her only 3 times and she's already asking when she can serve a mission lol. We actually found her randomly at the house of one of our investigators, she was just hanging out when we knocked on the door. we taught her super fast for like 10 minutes since they were both heading out. At the start of our next visit she pulled out a poem she wrote saying how she's been searching for God for a long time and never found Him until she heard a knock at the door. We invited her to pray and stuff and she said that night after praying she felt the biggest peace and happiness she has ever felt. She's getting baptized the 1st of November.

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