Monday, December 14, 2015

Week 99

So this week was really normal for me too, nothing exciting happened to be honest, except Neville and I have started the "get Zuniga sexy before he goes home" program. We went running in the morning a few times and I worked out inside on days we don't run. But just some info about Neville, he was like training professionally for track in some university that I can't remember. He runs a mile in like 4.35 minutes, which is like twice as fast as I am lol, so he's giving me a freaking good workout. We run for 15 minutes then take a 1 minute break then run another 15 minutes and freak does that suck. I feel like I'm gonna die the last 3 minutes.
Also, we have been working a ton with some awesome investigators but they all have like super hard problems they need to get over, like getting married, beating black tea addictions, and having to quit a job so they can make it to church. One of them is Dinis, he's from Guinea Bissao and he has been drinking black tea every day since he was 12. Right now he's in his early 20's and it's really tough for him but he's been progressing a ton and showing some true desire to change. He has a baptism date for the 26th so please pray for him so he can get over his addiction!

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