Monday, December 21, 2015

Week 100

I will start Skyping at 6 here in the Verde, so that'll be like what, 12 or 1 over there? So that's settled.
Man, I'm super excited to call you guys this week. I'm also gonna be skyping Burch and Chevy haha so I'm excited for them too.
I actually bought a bunch of gifts already for the Santa thing, I made a deal with a Chinese lady at the store so if I bought like more than 20 toys I have like a 40% off on everything so I only spent like 30 bucks, but I can always buy more. There are so many kids here in Praia that could use them, it's really sad cuz there are also really rich people living in the same streets.
I go home in 8 weeks... it's depressing but super exciting at the same time. I really want to work hard these last few weeks, but I"m just really tired lol. So the "get Zuniga sexy" program didn't run too smoothly because we fasted for an investigator and I got a sore throat during the same day, so it made me feel super weak for a couple of days, but we are back on track now. I'm going to be working out as much as I can so I don't get made fun of that much by everyone lol.

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