Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 92

Hi! This week's baptism was sweet! It was honestly the easiest one in my entire mission because he had tons of members supporting him. Sosa and I are working a lot better with all the members, so it's making the work run way smoother.
But I was super sick for like 4 days. It's been raining here too and I guess walking in the rain finally caught up with me. I was in bed with a fever unable to walk for like 24 hours, then spent the next 24 hours recovering, but I'm all good now, no worries. I grew a beard though, haha. When I felt well enough to leave the house I realized I hadn't shaved for like 3 days, and I've never let my beard grow out so it was shocking to see it there. I've never tried growing a beard, but I'm probably gonna try it when I get back home just for fun.
Also, Sosa tried making cinnamon rolls... they didn't come out too good. I don't know how he managed to ruin them like that, but I don't trust him in the kitchen... or in many other places to be honest, lol. 

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