Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 91

This week was great, we worked a ton, found new families and marked a lot of baptismal dates and even a marriage! It will be my first one in the mission so I'm extremely excited. They have a baptism date for the 7th of November, so the wedding will be before then. We have a baptism this week! Finally!! I've gone through a tough couple of months, I feel like I worked harder than most in my mission, but sill had no baptism for a while. Hopefully this weekend will break the spell.

I had my interview with President Mathews just a couple of hours ago... So uhmmm... me and my group kinda extended our mission. We are serving more than 24 months... more like 25 in total. It was President's request because our original date lands in the middle of a transfer, and we all agreed to it no problem. We love 'Merica! But we can only serve one mission. My mission will end on February 16th if all goes well.

This picture was taken at the mission council. 10 Zone Leaders, 2 AP's, 8 Sister Leaders, 2 Secretaries, and Pres. & Sister Mathews.

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