Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 90, Transfer 15

Hey you!! Sorry last week the power went out in the city so we couldn't do internet again. 
Today has been a bit stressful because transfers were yesterday. Sosa and I are staying together for another 6 weeks, which was a bit of a surprise to be honest because we both go home on the same day and 2 Zone Leaders can't leave at the same time because the next Zone Leaders would be completely out of it. So one of us might be finishing the mission as a ZL. 
I have a lot of pics to send, I just hugged Burch goodbye! He's done!! It was kind of depressing, he's definitely one of the best friends I've ever made. I think we are going to be roommates for college, that's the plan so far at least, haha. This is our last picture together, I was so sad. 

Mission council was great, I enjoyed it a lot. We had our Zone meeting and it was dope! This is our whole Zone. 
And like every week... we got soaked again -.-' I hate rain now...

Everything in Assomada is turning super green because of the rain. There's tons of mosquitoes at night, so we bought those mosquito repellent things that you burn so we don't get eaten alive in our sleep. 

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