Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Week 86

This week was good at first, but it went downhill fast. It started out with a division with Elder Burch, I went over to his area to work and we had a good talk about our plans after the mission. I've actualy been feeling for a while that I shouldn't be welding after the mission and that I need to go back to college. The entire time Burch was trying to convince me to go to Utah State (he's been trying to convince me for like a year now). I want to be an architect. I just want to do something hands-on that doesn't destroy my body, and so far what God has told me is that I need to study hard for the first time in my life and get a really good education.

Sadly, Ivanildo was not baptized. He was being sent to a rehabilitation center in another city nearby because of past problems with drugs and his parents really wanted him to go for like 3 months. He almost had them convinced that he doesn't have to go but it was already too late for his baptism. We will try to get him baptized this Saturday, though.

Sosa and I... we get along great and all, but not as well as I got along with Mortensen. I'm still getting used to the way he teaches. Oh and it rained on us again -.-'

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