Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Week 49, Being Santas

Hey what's up! Sorry for emailing super late, we were doing service in one of the member's house so now I only have 30 minutes to talk. 
So anyway, Christmas was sick! I'm not gonna lie, we didn't get home till like midnight on Christmas Eve because Gooch and I bought a TON of gifts for everyone we knew and we took forever wrapping them and giving them out. 
This is our room, btw, it has been like this since I got here, the only lights we have are christmas lights, haha. 
And this is us being Santas. Our bags were FULL of things to give away. 
We both spent about $70 each on gifts, and all of the kids we gave things to it was their only Christmas gift they received. These are about half of the gifts we wrapped. 

So we were super tired the next day because we got home at midnight and then stayed up till like 4 watching movies and then woke up at 6 as a normal day. 

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