Monday, January 5, 2015

Week 50

Hey you! So once again I have no time to email, the internet is super slow today and we hardly had any time to begin with, only like 20 minutes. But New Years was actually super sick, Elder Gooch and I had a pretty fun night. We had dinner with members, bought some ice cream and Monsters, stayed up watching mission movies, and yes we did have a pretty awesome fireworks show.
Our week was great, we had another baptism, his name is Markos and he's 14 but he looks like he's 19, he's a lot taller than me. Also, I held baby turtles!!!! One of our investigators has 2 as pets, it's super illegal, but I couldn't help playing with them. She took them to the baptism so they walked around in the sand for a bit.

This was me on the roof of our house waiting for the fireworks on New Years Eve

This is Markos next to me and a member (Alex) next to Gooch

This is Titi

And this is Tutu, most awesomest turtles ever!

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