Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Week 53

We had two baptisms for this week but they fell :(
It happens. It happens more than I've baptized, but we are getting one this Saturday. It's this girl named Erica and she's 17 but she's like 3 inches taller than me haha. People here are tall.
And I'm having a good time, but there's seriously NOTHING to take a picture of in Sal.
I hit my hear mark!!!!!! It's crazy it's already been a year. I feel like I got here a month ago, I'll be headed him in no time from now! (By the way, I'm getting home before January 22nd 2016, but I'm not telling you the date, muahaha)
So I miss Ribeira Grande, best area in the mission! If not the world! And today we played soccer, Gooch went shopping for souvenirs for his family and now we are hanging out with the members, I'm using one of their laptops right now. It's Josete's, the same person we used to Skype on Christmas.
Anyway I have to go because we forgot something to email Pres. Matthews, take care! Miss you tons!

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