Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 52

This week was pretty awesome, sorry no pics again, but interesting things did happen. First of all, on Tuesday I went on a division with the Zone Leaders. I went to another city called Esparagos and Gooch stayed here in Santa Maria. It was way fun getting to know another area. I also tried shawarma for the first time!!! You know like at the end of the Avengers. It was alright, nothing way special, but it was still good. Also, we had interviews with President Matthews, and I found out that I'll be staying here next transfer and I might be training a greenie straight from the MTC. I hope not cuz I feel like he wont learn anything from me haha.
Sorry I don't send pictures... there's nothing to take pictures of, just the same old streets every day that aren't really anything special.

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