Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 54, Ninth Transfer

Remember our baptism for this week, Erika? We have been teaching her for more than a month now and got her ready for baptism, but somehow her super Catholic dad found out and called her and threatened to take her to Santo Antao away from all her friends if she got baptized. He is coming here in 2 weeks so he would actually do it. She can't do anything about it cuz she's only 17. Ugh, bummer.
But I still had a great week :) It was interesting watching Elder Gooch die... I mean I had already seen Sanchez die but he and I didn't get along so I didn't care, haha. We had a ton of fun on our last week of the transfer. We had interrogation night, family home evenings, and a ton of other things we did with the members. And speaking of transfers, I'm staying, and I'm training! I'm getting a greenie straight from the MTC in a couple of days. I'm super pumped for that.
But on a different note, I don't know if I'll be staying here in Santa Maria cuz... you see this group picture I sent you? 2 of the girls there have crushes on me lol and they are acting really weird, so I'm telling President Matthews about it. He is really strict on rules so I'll believe it if he chooses to transfer me.
Also, I got your package!!!!!!!!!! THAN YOUUUUUUUUUUU SOOOOO much for this shirt!!!!! It's like my favorite gift of all time!!!!! But... it fits me small -.-' I got way fat haha, it doesn't fit me like other shirts back home. I'll keep it so it motivates me to work out and get skinny enough to fit in it lol. 
Oh and the Whataburger condiments got here nice and safely, my egg sandwiches are gonna taste like heaven now!

Also, the Twinkies got here super squished, haha. 

So today is the start of Transfer 9, almost double digits!! And I don't know if I've ever mentioned this, but we live in a 4-elder house haha. Elder Gooch and Elder Manga both go home today, so I'll be sticking with Elder Sampson (the one that stayed) and Elder Chevalier, my long lost Mindelo friend, until my greenie gets here. I'm actually going to Praia to pick him up and everything. 
Also, I think this is my favorite picture of Gooch and I, we were doing ghetto Cabo Verdean poses haha and we were teaching with a member this past week and he took a picture of us teaching and I think it looks pretty cool. 

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