Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 55, First Son!

My week was great!! It felt super short and way long at the same time. First of all, I took a 2 day vacation to Praia to pick up Elder McMullin! My first son!! Elder Olsen is excited to get a grandson haha. Anyway, McMullin is a boss, we get along great. He's kind of a shy, timid guy, but I'm already working on that haha, I'm getting him to smile and talk a lot more. He is in a culture shock but not too bad, Santa Maria is a comfortable area to serve in, it's nice. Once he gets transferred though it will be a second culture shock for him.
This past Saturday he had his first baptism!!! We baptized Keven, with whom I've been working with for the past month. This kid is a boss, he is 18 years old and during our first lesson with him we actually kicked him out of the room haha. We were teaching a group of teenagers and he kept laughing and just making a bunch of dumb jokes, so we told him to leave. He did a complete 180 and has been changing a lot in the past few weeks.

So interesting thing about my son's baptism, while we were in the water, he accidentally cut his foot open on a sharp rock, it was bleeding like crazy and wouldn't stop. I rushed him to a clinic and they were getting ready to stitch it closed. The medic was off the clock so he didn't have any helpers so he told me "You want to me my helper?". So I got all excited getting all the needles out and the sewing kit thing, but then he looked at the cut and it turns out it didn't need stitches after all (bummer) haha. 
Here are some pictures, I had to take a picture with him haha. He was a good sport about it too. 

He ended up getting adhesive stitches, so he can't get his foot wet for 5 days. This morning he was like "how do I shower without getting my foot wet???" This is what I came up with, he didn't like it much haha, but it was funny. 

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