Monday, February 16, 2015

Week 56

So Valentines sucked, I saw a bunch of couples walking everywhere that night and it made me trunky, lol.
Anyways, I had a pretty good week, another baptism and confirmation! Her name is Leandra, she's only 14 but she's changed in the past month! Funny thing, she was a street contact, and the first time we sat down to talk to her she was being a bit of a snake. She had never heard about the church or anything, and the very first thing she asked was if we were married or in a relationship and stuff like that. Lol I don't know what's worse, getting hit on by ditsy 14 year olds or by 35-year olds. She's completely changed now, anything gospel-related she treats super seriously and she understands everything we teach her. I'm actually super proud of her for how much she has progressed in the past weeks.
And man, it's actually still pretty cold here in the mornings and fresh throughout all the day. Leandra was baptized at 9 a.m. so the water was super cold. My son is doing well, he's been sick for the past few days but that's normal. His stomach is adjusting to the food, it happens. We are doing well together though, the language is hard for him to get, especially when everyone speaks to him in cryole. He will push through.

HILARIOUS reason why my comp was wearing the sweater: Last week we were so busy taking care of his cut foot that we forgot to wash his baptismal pants, so they were still super dirty. We found some other ones that fit him extremely tight haha, we struggled for like 10 minutes getting him in there. 

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