Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 45

So this week was super sick!!! First of all, check out this pic of me with this baby here. So I showed up to one of our member's house and she's like "ah good, you're here. Here, take my 2 month old child and climb this mountain with him in your arms and give it to my husband's mom to take care of it" lol.
It turns out she slipped with him a few weeks earlier and ever since then she's been scared of climbing up and down with him so she gives it to other people to do it for her.

This week we had 2 baptisms!!! We baptized in Ponta del Sol, which is said to have the prettiest sunsets in the entire mission. The day was super cloudy and rainy, but we still managed to have a super beautiful last 3 minutes of the sunset. 

The people we baptized are actually a couple. Their names are Dany and Carine. Dany is 18 and Carine is 30... I know... it's kinda weird, but it's not too rare here in Cape Verde. The hardest thing for them was keeping the law of chastity, but they are total bosses. Dany left coffee in a heartbeat and Carine still got baptized even though her mom hates Mormons and is super mad at her. 
Araci is doing a lot better now, she is the one who invited Carine to church. It looks like her older brothers calmed her dad down so she's moving back into her parent's house. 
(Araci is the middle one)

I got the watches!

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