Monday, April 28, 2014

Week 14... again no pics :(

Hey! I'll be Skyping on American Mother's Day cuz I don't have a Mexican companion, so yeah.
Tell dad there's a letter getting to him in a couple of days, I think, and I'll write to him again soon. I haven't gotten any letters from anyone, but I have a friend coming over from Praia on Wednesday so if I have anything he'll bring it to me.
That cake looks soo sick, tho, I really want some about now. Cabo Verdeans suck at cooking. Nothing here has strong flavors since they don't use high fructose corn syrup on anything, they only use cane sugar, which is probably why everyone is super buff here.
And I'm all good with money, we get 18,000 escudos in like 2 days so I won't need anything. Sorry I haven't used my camera much, I'll probably start using it this next week though.
Man, you're sooo lucky you get to see Spider Man 2. I walked into this guys house and they were interviewing Andrew Garfield (he's my new celebrity mancrush) and the trailer looked soooo sick! I got a little trunky during those 3 minutes lol. Alright well I don't have much else to say, take care of your fingers cuz they are the only ones you have... actually no, you have another 6, but still. Fica bem! Love you tons!

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