Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 12, Transfer #2

Dude I ran out of ketchup here like 3 weeks ago, and Cabo Verdean ketchup SUCKKSSS so bad. So Cryolo itself is actually a language on it's own, so I'm gonna make sure I go home knowing 4 languages for sure. Today is the first day of my 2nd transfer, man it went by super quick. I'm staying with the same companion in the same area.
So I started working out in the mornings but my legs kill me throughout the day. Hopefully I'll at least go home with awesome calves lol. I totally learned how to eat Chinese food with chopsticks! I felt like a total sir eating all fancy.
Oh and about the clothes, Cabo Verdeans only wear like the same 3 shirts over and over again, but nothing African-ish. They are quite strange though.
Here, when someone dies they don't mourn. They just go party at the nearest Plaza and they blast Bob Marley and American music. There's nothing funnier than seeing 7 Cabo Verdean men jamming out to Wrecking Ball, especially since they don't know a word of English.

Eating with two sticks like a Sir.
So I wanted to buy granola but I wasn't a pirate or a princess,
so I couldn't decide. 
I can't get over this nutella and white chocolate mix
The beaches here are gorgeous, the water is super blue.
But the sand in SPI is better, this sand is super hard.

We had Zone Conference last week and I got to take a pic
with my grandpa! His name is Elder Otterstrom, so there's 3
generations here. 
I made a majestic zebra balloon animal without looking at instructions.

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