Monday, April 21, 2014

Week 13... no pics :(

Hey yeah I get to Skype home!!!! Just make sure you go visit mom and dad so I can see everyone. And dude, I don't know much Criollo yet. Everyone says you're only able to speak it once you're senior companion. Well, at least that's what Elder Olson said, which kinda makes sense.
They didn't have much of a celebration for Easter. Well, scratch that. Yesterday "Benfica" (which is everyone's favorite soccer team) won the Portuguese cup so everyone and their mothers were out in the street till midnight drunk and yelling and celebrating and whatnot. I think it was the hardest day on the mission so far for me because we couldn't find ANYONE. It sucked, but at least everyone is quiet today cuz they all have hangovers.
I didn't take any pics this past week, so I'll send some next week.
Tchao! Take Care!

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