Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Week 6, Goodbye MTC!

Chris didn't write much besides explaining what's going on in the pictures he sent. Here's what I got from him during his last P-Day at the MTC. (He flies to Cabo Verde this Friday!)

Hey no joke, they told us that like 6 months from now Cape Verde is getting iPads too. I'm not too excited for them though, I feel like I might get distracted. 

More epic Tostitos parties 
Me being Skux (Australian slang for "ladies man" with Elder Cordova
Here we have 3 generations: Filho (Elder Mason), Pai (Me),
 and Grande Pai or "big daddy" (Elder Cordova)
I believe I have taken over 200 selfies with everyone here at the MTC

"You probably shouldn't put this on my blog. Don't put bad stuff up there,
 I want people to think I'm really obedient" 
(yeah, he should know better than to trust that I won't put this up for the world to see)

So funny story; my knee has been hurt for about a week due to a bad land during volleyball. No worries, I'm back to 100% now. But I would still play every day until one day it started hurting too much. I went to the medic people and they told me to put ice on. So I did, but then I realized I couldn't put my slacks on, so I improvised. I walked around the MTC like this all day, I got a lot of compliments. 

All the elders in my district. I got released as Zone leader this past Sunday. 
So the famous map picture. 
I laughed when I saw this cuz my arm looks tiny. 

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