Monday, March 17, 2014

Week 8

I still have the 5X5 Rubik's cube with me, I actually timed myself and I cut my time from 15 minutes to 7:32 which I'm extremely proud of. And Elder Olsen is awesome, I taught him how to do a rubiks cube and he learned like in 24 hours, super fast.
Here I can devote an entire hour of just e-mailing and not doing laundry at the same time so I have heaps of time to reply. Mindelo is actually the nicest city in Cape Verde, it's a lot like Matamoros so compared to the rest of the islands it's really 'advanced'. I didn't have a lot of time for pics this week, I only took a few.
I really like it here. It's kinda sucky having to walk 3 miles uphill every day, but I'll get used to it. Seriously, when we leave the house in the morning, we walk uphill, then when we get back at night, somehow we are still walking uphill. I think we broke logic. I'm not serving in the city part of Mindelo, I'm at the outskirts of it so everyone I teach is poor and humble. I like the food here, all they eat is rice and beans and fish, I haven't had cachupa tho. So far I'm surviving with ramen, tuna, cereal, and fresh bread every morning.

Here are some pics:

The last time we were together before we were sent to different islands </3.
Elder Cordova is on Fogo and Elder Young is here in Mindelo but at the other side of the city so I cant see him.

Cape Verdean Escudos are cool looking and colorful
I basically live off cereal and rice. This chocapic is actually pretty good. 
And well, rice is rice. 
So Elder Olsen and I climbed this mountain for like 10 minutes just to take a pic,
 and then we climbed back down. Fun huh? 
Also, I'm not that fat, it's the wind that makes the shirt look puffy.

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