Monday, March 31, 2014

Week 10, Meu Primero Batismo!

My first baptism!!!! I was soo excited all week for him, and I'm still excited two weeks later. He's super goofy and always smiling, but all guys in Cabo Verde try to look tough and serious in all the pics they take. All the girls try to pose super seductive, which is kinda weird. Anyways, he's a total boss, I love him. During the ceremony, after he was baptized, he was invited to share his testimony. I have never seen him soo serious and focused in the 3 weeks I've known him. His testimony was small and simple, but it came 100% from the heart. He was tearing up trying not to cry and so was I. He told everyone how he felt like a completely new person because he didn't want to do drugs or drink anymore. He said he finally felt free and he thanked me and my comp for being his friends and changing his life. I feel so happy to have met him. It was a great experience, especially since he doesn't know Portuguese, just cryolo. Well I have to go, the internet dude is kicking us out of his store cuz it's closing. TCHAO! Love you both!!!

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