Monday, March 10, 2014

Week 7, now in Cabo Verde!

Elder Zuniga could not send any photos this week because he is short on time. This is the short paragraph he wrote:

I LOVE IT HERE!!!! It reminds me of Mexico, but the people are extremely humble and sooo nice and friendly. I've spent the first 3 days of my mission here in Praia, but I will be flying to San Vincente hoge de noite (tonight). It's incredible how ready the people are to hear the gospel here. Just on my first day I witnessed 5 baptisms and that was apparently a "bad" day for this mission. So I can't talk much, I have to wait till next week to reply and send pics. Please let everyone know I'm fine and extremely happy to be serving in Cabo Verde. 
Oh and my mailing address is 

Elder Christian Alexander Zuniga
Cape Verde Praia Mission C.P. 420
Praia, San Tiago
Cape Verde

Tell everyone that wants to know, Tchao! 

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