Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Week 5

So what's going on?? I love P-Days, I get to wear normal clothes again.
So I got my flight schedule!!!! I'm not looking forward to the almost 24 hours of travel just to get to Cabo Verde at 5 in the morning and get straight to work, but I'm soooo excited to finally go!! I feel like I'm doing really good with the language. There's missionaries from Brazil here and I'm able to hold a pretty long conversation with them, I'm just having trouble with the slang and stuff like that. So I took a pic with the Cabo Verde flag at the temple. I'm with all my district except Elder Young, who didn't want to be in the pic.
Oh, and I forgot to tell you, but I've been Zone Leader for like 2 weeks now lol. It's pretty cool how I'm like a senior again. All the other missionaries are always hanging out in my room and stuff like that. It feels weird being the "cool" missionary that I was hanging out with like two weeks earlier before he left.
So there's this new missionary that's my favorite. His name is Elder Mason. Since the first day, I randomly called him "meu Filho" which means "my son" and like a day later he found out what it meant so now he calls me "meu Pai" which means "father" lol.
So on Sunday we walked to the temple and I saw this random couple sitting on the grass, so I ran to them and asked for a pic. They said yes, everyone in Utah is sooo nice.
Hey like 3 girls have made me break mission rules. They want to take pics of just me and them, and I'm too nice to say no, but at the same time I feel bad for doing so.
It's really nice to hear from you. Oh, and I'm allowed to call home during layovers, so expect a call. (And send me your number cuz I forgot it)
Alright well I gtg, so take care! Miss you tons!
-Elder Zuniga
Flight Schedule! 24 hours of travel, and then straight to work! 
Most of his Zone with the Cabo Verde flag 
Elder Mason 
"Pai" and "Filho" (father and son)
Elder Zuniga with Elder Guzman (Dominican) who went to Brazil
Elder Zuniga with Elder Maynese (Mexican) who also went to Brazil

Elder Zuniga and most of his Zone
1/5 of Elder Cordova's face, Elder Zuniga, and
a random couple they saw on their way to the temple
A random selfie

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