Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Week 3

I got an email saying that this week's letter will come in the mail, so I'll post that up later. These are the photos for week 3!

From L to R: Elder Cordova, Elder Sosa, & Elder Zuniga

All his letter said was 
"Oi!! Como Vai? Eu estou muito grato por todas as coisas que tu mandaste-me. Muito obrigado por as gulosimas e jumex. Okay I don't have a lot of time to write so I'll do it in English. Thank you so much for everything, I appreciate it. But please, don't feel like you should sent me anything else, I have everything I need now. (Riiight, like THATS going to happen). Uma vez mais, obrigado por ser a melhor Irma que eu puede aver pedido. 
P.S. It's hard writing in Portuguese about non-gospeley things so some if it could be wrong. Chao! Fica Fixe! 
-Elder Zuniga

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