Monday, June 2, 2014

Week 19, District Leader!

Hey I just got dearjohned! Lol. I'm laughing right now but I'm probably gonna cry myself to sleep. Lol, jk.
But good news, I got your package!!! Man you're the best sister every! Soo much ketchup!!! I wrote you a letter telling you thank you and stuff so that's all I'll say for now. Dude! I'm District Leader now! I found out last Monday night. I feel super out of place cuz I'm like the youngest in the district lol. But Elder Olsen is District Leader too so he helps me out. Now I live in a 4-elder house! The 2 other Elders are Elder Burch and Elder Pumbumua (from Mozambique and from Utah, guess which is which, lol.) I was already good friends with Elder Burch before so this transfer should be fun. Well, sorry for not having tons of time, I wrote Yari a whole book saying it's OK lol. Well, take care!! I love you tons!!!

-Elder Zuniga

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