Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 82

The pictures you sent made me trunky for carpet like you have no idea, lol. One of the first things I'll do when I get home is just lay on the floor for like an hour enjoying carpet.
Anyways, this week was sweet, it felt very long but it was still really good. We had some divisions with the APs before Zone Conference and it was awesome. I didn't work with Burch, I was with his comp Elder Lopes, who is also a boss so it was okay.
Afterwards it was sick talking to Burch about all of the stuff we went through in Ribeira Grande. We talked about our recent converts and all the comps we've served with since then. Also all the songs we used to sing while we were walking in between areas. And about how much we hate girls since we both got Dear Johned around the same time, lol.
The rest of the week was normal, same old work over and over again, but with different people.

A few weeks ago you said that the pictures I sent you sometimes scared you. Well, this morning I was able to climb the famous Assomada Big Tree. It was way fun but super hard getting up there. Only Elder Masubelele and I could climb all the way up. Our whole district went.

It was a sick view from up there, but I couldn't climb with the camera in my pocket or it would have gotten destroyed. Sister Miller took a video, I'll show it to you when I go back home. It wasn't scary, just really hard and it tired me out like crazy. 
So here's my current district. From left to right: 
Elder Masubelele from South Africa
Elder Layton from Peru
Sister Hanzel from Utah (I think)
Sister Cardoso from Cabo Verde
Sister Fernandez from Portugal
Sister Miller from somewhere in the U.S. 
and then Mortensen and myself

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