Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 80

I'm sorry I didn't email mom and dad, I read their email twice and I thought I had responded but I guess I really didn't... brain fart.
Guys I don't need clothes for the cold, but the socks will actually come in very handy since most.... all of my socks have holes in them, but don't go overboard because my luggage is super heavy now. I really don't want anything... maybe just some stretch bands so I can work out. It's hard to get in shape when my only two choices are push ups and sit ups.

So this week was very tiring, we have been preparing for Zone Meeting which will be on Thursday and Zone Conference which is in 10 days. Both days we will be presenting zone plans and goals for the month of August and we will also be preparing trainings to go along with those plans. I was never exactly "gifted" when it comes to talking in front of people, so it should be interesting, lol. All week we have been praying, fasting, and studying to know what plans we can do to help out getting investigators to church.
Also, tomorrow will be council, which is in Praia. All the Zone Leaders and the 2 AP's go to a meeting with President Matthews to follow up on last month's goals and talk about next months' plans and stuff. It will be my first one and I'll get to see Elder Burch for the first time in about a year, and others more than that, so I'm pretty excited for that. I'm also a bit nervous because everyone at council is like the "top dogs" in the mission, everyone is smart lol. I feel like I was made ZL because I work hard, not because of my brains haha.

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