Monday, June 15, 2015

Week 73

I actually had a really good week. We had another baptism! His name is Isaias. Remember my first baptism, Helder? He was SUPER slow, but Isaias is even slower. I mean, he is borderline special needs, but he was still enough of a boss to give up smoking to get baptized. The guy who baptized him is Ealton or Chuku. When I first got to this area Chuku was inactive, but we have been working with him a lot for the past month. He is now the Sunday School teacher and helps us out so much by giving us references and teaching with us. This was his first baptism so he was super excited. Isaias is the short one, btw. We baptized in the same place as last time.

Today we went to this place near the beach in Tarrafal, it's way pretty. 

I tried kicking Barros into the water...
We also had this activity that the YSA put together this past week, it was a fashion show. So whoever went the best dressed won. There was a winner for the guys and one for the girls and I gave Chuku a tie and let him my suit so he could go and he won. He was way happy about it, even though the competition wasn't hard at all, lol. 

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