Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 72, Transfer 12

So transfers were yesterday, nothing happened in our district, only Elder Dominguez left and Elder Ayala from El Salvador was sent here. Remember Elder Burch? He got called as the new AP. Nobody in the mission was expecting it, especially him.
We had an awesome last week of transfer. We had a baptism!! We have been working with Sofia for about a month, she is 19 and has 2 kids from different men who both left her. Her life is rough at the moment, but she's becoming a whole different person now. Remember the story about the drunk guy saying he didn't want to live in the Celestial Kingdom because the sun is too hot? Well he is her uncle and he has been doing some crazy changes as well.
He had dreadlocks like Bob Marley, and a pretty big beard. We showed up to teach him one day and he cut off his dreadlocks and has a nice, clean shave. He looks completely different now. We are trying to help him with alcohol, he still drinks very often, but he is starting to change. He showed up to church two weeks in a row now.
So at the baptism I gave my camera to a member to take pictures... he took like 20 of them and they all came out blurry lol.

I'm glad we are finally able to see our work pay off. We have another baptism for this weekend and another for the 27th. 
So here's a picture we took at the last Zone Conference in Assomada. Assomada is like 45 minutes from here. Chao Bom is a part of the Assomada zone. 
The place where we baptize here is really pretty. Here are some blurry, dark pictures. 

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