Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 59

So nothing really interesting happened this week, just same old work. But hey! funny story about my son. So I was having stomach problems one day and I needed to make a mad dash for the bathroom. Luckily, there is ONE public bathroom in this city (and the only one I have seen in this country) and it was closer than our house, so I went there. It's also a fish, fruit, and vegetable market so that's where everyone buys those things. Before going into the restroom, I gave McMullin a pass along card and told him "Here, contact someone by yourself. Get the name and number and where they live, good luck!" and I went into the restroom. I swear I only took like 5 minutes and when I came out, I saw McMullin with a huge bag of fruit and he's like "Don't even ask about it!". It turns out he tried contacting a fruit lady and told her he wanted one pear. He ended up getting haggled by the lady and she sold him like 7 pears and a huge papaya haha. He spent almost 10 bucks on it, that's enough for like 4 lunches for us. Yeah... we need to work on his Portuguese ;p

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