Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 58: Baptism & A Huge Tub of Ice Cream

So exciting thing that happened this week, we had our 3rd miracle baptism of the month! His name is Lessio, he's 16 and Keven's younger brother (the one who got baptized 4 weeks ago). Man, this kid did some MAJOR changes in his life. He hated talking to us and wanted nothing to do with the church. He was always hanging out in the streets with his gang of little thugs and even dropped out of school when he was 13. But after Keven was baptized he started wanting to talk to us again, even showed up to church 4 Sundays ago all on his own. He has changed so much, he's keeping the law of chastity, studying the scriptures and praying every day, and hasn't missed a Sunday so far. He just seems way happier.
And thankfully, nothing crazy happened to my son during this baptism, haha. But the water was FREEZING cold, the coldest baptism I've had so far.

I do make sure something happens every day to Elder McMullin, just to keep him happy and his mission interesting. I don't pick on him, I just make his life interesting. He seems like he's a lot more at home now, and the more stuff that happens, the less he things of home. That's something I SUCKED at when I was a greenie. I would think of home ever spare second I had. 
Two days ago we were wrestling in the house with Chevy (Elder Chevalier) and we broke his bed haha. The frame fell apart but we put it back together, we didn't take a picture of it but it looked hilarious. I also volunteered him to give a talk next Sunday, he's excited (not really) but it'll be good practice for him. 
And we bought a huge tub of ice cream! It's totally worth eating just beans and rice at the end of the month for this, haha. It's "Ceu" flavored, which means heaven. The name fits cuz it really tastes heavenly. The white stuff are bits of white chocolate.

Also, have I mentioned that people here just pee and poop everywhere in the middle of the day, especially kids. McMullin isn't a fan of that, so he made a goal to not see any naked people during the day. Naturally, I now always point out when a kid is peeing or something. So far, he hasn't made it past lunchtime without  breaking his goal, haha it's hilarious. 

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