Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 104

Hey! First of all I'm sorry about not wanting to email last week. I didn't mean to sound like a jerk, I was just having a rough day, and to be honest I had one of the roughest weeks of my mission this past week. But I decided that I don't want to be mad or sad about it, I want to finish my mission on a good note. Elder Dos Anjos and I actually argued a lot this past week, man I have never bumped heads with someone in such little time, but we were able to talk it out and we're all good now.
One another note, you guys should be getting some travel info soon because I got a phone call asking me about the certificate (like the one that says I served honorably for 2 years), if I wanted it in English or Portuguese, I chose Portuguese.
So guess who is still active after 2 years?? I walked over to Fernando Po to find someone, and it turns out he found me first. Helder saw me from like 20 feet away and ran to me and gave me the biggest hug ever haha. Man we were happy to see each other, seeing him almost made me cry. When he was a recent convert I was trying to get him a calling, but the members said he wouldn't be able to teach or anything like that. But he has been distributing and collecting hymn books for the past 2 years and he's really happy with his calling. The lady's name is Gilda, she was the one who gave us Helder as a reference.

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