Monday, July 28, 2014

Week 27, Smitten by the Lord

Pssh, no. My SD card is still all messed up. And sadly, no we didn't reach 40 people at church :/ We were smitten by the Lord. The Zone Leaders came to do a 2-day division with us. We are super good friends with them so we basically had a party during lunch and at nights when we were back at the house. We slept like 10 hours in those 3 nights with them, and survived off cake and energy drinks. We weren't very obedient with our study hours either. We learned so much from them and they really helped us a lot, but it took a toll on us at the same time.
Even after they left, we both felt like crap and were super tired and sleepy and couldn't feel the spirit as we taught. Yesterday we only had 26 people at church. We had investigators and stuff there, but now members who have never missed church since they were baptized weren't there. Even though part of the division hurt us, we also learned a lot and had some pretty cool experiences. Especially one we had with Elder Montes.
Montes is an awesome friend of mine and is super old on the mission (he's about to die lol). So we were walking toward a house of a reference we got from one of the members. We were a little tired because 3 appointments fell through and we had not had the chance to teach anyone. So we were walking down this alley that was kind of lit up so we could actually see where we were walking. We got about 5 feet away from the house and this super skinny man with dreadlocks comes out of this super sketchy, dark looking alley and starts talking to us in English. He said "there's a woman down there that needs your help! Come talk to her about your message" and stuff like that, so our first thought was "man, maybe we are being guided to someone" but at the same time I felt pretty uneasy, like something was out of place.
The man pointed to the steps of this sketchy alley and told us to go down. Elder Montes said "we aren't going down with you behind us, you go first" So he went and we followed. We walked slowly down the stairs and saw this guy reach the end of the alley and turn right. So we continue down and at the end of it we both kind of stuck our heads around the corner to see what was going on, and we saw this even darker and creepier alley with a small run-down bar on the left and a woman sitting down on a bench talking to the skinny man. I got the weirdest feeling inside me like I shouldn't be there and I turned to Elder Montes and I knew he felt the same way. As soon as the skinny guy took his eyes off us Elder Montes turned to me and said "Go. We have to get out of here." So we both just took off as fast as we could. I don't really know what was going on down there, but I'm super grateful I didn't have to find out.

On a happier, brighter side, Elder Montes came to our house on a diet. He didn't want bread or soda or anything like that. We got him to fall hard lol. This is him after like 12 hours with us lol.

His comp is Elder Neymeir. He's a boss as well. He taught me a lot during the splits. 
Well, that basically sums up this past week. Elder Burch and I are doing fine, we are just completely broke lol. But we'll last a couple of days more until we get money. 

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